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groans at myself

fyi i have a trash fanwork sideblog (warning: some of the art there is nsfw)


pretty pleased with how they turned out in this panel  (・∀・ )


Synopsis of every Mushishi episode ever made

roundup of daiya prompts from twitter. pulled haruichi’s street outfit from here.

San Francisco (and nearby cities) residents, please help


Here’s the short version: me and tumblr user zamielherbei are homeless, and have been since the beginning of May. We desperately need somewhere to stay - short term, long term, anything will help. We both have jobs and can pay rent, but have been unable to afford a place on our own. We also have a car, so nearby cities would be fine too, as long as we’re not too far from SF and San Bruno, where we work. We’re very quiet, friendly, and clean, and I can cook some decent stuff too. If you’d like to contact us, please email me at heroknight at gmail dot com. Signal boosting would be very much appreciated as well. Thank you so much for your help.



Sport anime more like:
Nobody is dying, but I’m still crying

Third years movin on, but I ain’t lettin them go

fill for tan - err, a mysterious anon’s prompt on the daiya no ace kink meme asking for yuki’s instagram updates

doodles of fave hq!! assholes from twitter


I’m very happy to present to everyone a sneak peak of the Oofuri fanbook that I and a group of amazing artists are working on, Runner On Third.

Preorders will probably be open early June with any luck, keep an eye out!

Since some of you have asked for a list of artists, so here they are:

  • zeekubeast
  • gigaprince
  • buyavowel
  • brakes
  • spazmaggot
  • princekanou
  • sparkleslikewhoa
  • notlvl18
  • bokupoops
  • rachel
  • taxikun
  • shoujomon
  • maxvelocity
  • pocketghosts
  • pixelnoton
  • dumplingheart
  • whythemadman
  • meexart

The art sneak peeks are by zeekubeast, gigaprince, meexart, pocketghosts, and shoujomon.

More updates to come!